1. When not in a shooting box your gun MUST be empty with the action open.


2. Load gun only when in the shooting box and only when the shooting area is secure. Keep loaded and unloaded guns pointed in a safe direction at all times. Gun malfunctions—Keep guns pointed down range.


3. Maximum number of shells allowed in a gun at any time two(2).


4. No shot larger than 71/2. Shot sizes allowed 71/2, 8, 81/2, 9


5. Only 1 shooter in a shooting stand at a time.


6. Do not shoot at live animals or birds.


7. Please do not touch machines. Do not try to repair or load at any time. An employee  will take care of any problems you may have.


8. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed on the range.


9. No one under 16 is allowed to drive golf carts or four wheelers without supervision.


10. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.


11. Feel free to assist Black River Sporting Clays in keeping the grounds clean by picking up spent cartridges.


** Failure to follow these rules and any unsportsman like conduct may result in the shooter being asked to leave the range without a refund.


Black River Sporting Clays is not liable for any accidents.